Mission Statement

St. Pauls Fire District works to safeguard the lives and property of the communities that make up the district as well as to enhance the quality of life of our residents through professionalism, dedication, integrity, education, and training.

The men and women of the St. Pauls Fire District are committed to providing a wide range of emergency response services, fire prevention programs, & fire safety education programs, while ensuring the safety of all employees and volunteers so that they are able to return to their families after their duty has ended.

Our Stations

St. Paul’s Fire District proudly serves the Hollywood, Ravenel, Adams Run, Edisto Island, & surrounding areas. Please browse our stations below.
      STATION 1

      6488 Highway 162
      Hollywood, SC 29449

      STATION 2

      5536 Hyde Park RD
      Ravenel, SC 29470

      STATION 3

      1835 Highway 174
      Edisto Island, SC 29438

      STATION 4

      5908 Savannah Highway
      Ravenel, SC 29470

      STATION 5

      5674 Highway 174
      Adams Run, SC 29426

      STATION 6

      4775 SC-162, Hollywood,
      SC 29449

      STATION 7

      4445 SC-174, Meggett
      SC 29449

      STATION 8

      8819 Old Jacksonboro Rd
      Adams Run, SC 29426

      STATION 9

      4511 Wilson Rd,
      Meggett, SC 29449

      Community Outreach & Prevention

      St. Paul’s Fire District actively engages with our community through various outreach and fire prevention programs. We conduct educational sessions, fire safety drills, and participate in local events to promote awareness and build strong bonds with the residents we serve and protect.


      Interested in joining? Employment opportunities at the St. Paul’s Fire District offer a chance to join a dedicated team committed to community safety in Ravenel, SC and surrounding areas. Prospective candidates can expect a fulfilling career with responsibilities ranging from firefighting and emergency response to community outreach and education.

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